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    Racist Attack in Larnaca (Video )(update)

    Further to our report this morning about the racist verbal and physical attack on a Russian Lady by 3 Cypriot women, it has been reported that all women are from Limassol.

    It is reported that one of the Cypriot women is an Educational Psychologist from Limassol and is married to a Lawyer.


    She has posted a reply on social media to the critics of her actions that the Russian lady initially requested €100 so as not to report what she saw. The lady went further to say that there were cameras in the parking area and a bar blocking the exit so they were not about to leave.

    Racist Attack in Larnaca (Video )(update) 1

    Police have released a statement via twitter

    in relation to the video that has been released in the last few hours regarding an incident in Larnaca, from the first moment that the reported to the police, instructions were given and is already under investigations

    Racist Attack in Larnaca (Video )(update) 2

    The incident is under investigation by the police.

    Witness comes forward in parking lot incident

    Racist attack in Larnaca (video )(update 2)

    Larnaca racist attack video – woman sacked


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