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    Racist attack in Larnaca (Video)

    South Cyprus Racist

    In the early hours of Saturday morning, a video was uploaded onto a social media site which showed some very disrespectful behavior.

    The lady filming the incident, and to who the vile and racist behavior was directed, apparently witnessed a €30,000 car reverse into a Yaris and proceed to drive off.

    The lady called after them and stopped them from leaving

    The result was the below video.

    The lady posted the video with the following description in Russian.

    “Сегодня увидела как машина в Larnaka на паркинге сдовала задом . Врезалась в припоркованаю машину. Постояли и попытались уехать я побежала за машиной стала махать руками чтобы остоновились . Только после этого машина остановилась . Вышли 3 киприотки начели меня обзывать , 3 раза меня талкнули , 1 раз плюнули мне в лецо. Пытались чтобы я ушла и не дождалась полиции. При этом ругались га таком мате что я за 20 лет на Кипре не слышела.И вот что из этого получилось. Не смотря на все угрозы со стороны 3 х киприоток . Талканий обзываний и плювания мне в лицо я не дола им скрытса с место приступления .пришол мужчина парковщик я ему все рассеазала он их не выпустил с паркинга. Они сичас стоят на парковки ждут полицию позволил”

    Roughly translated to the following:

    “Today I saw how a car in Larnaka reversed backwards. It crashed into a parked car. We stood and the car tried to leave. I ran after the car and began to wave my hands to stop them. Only after that the car stopped. 3 Cypriots came out, started calling me names, 3 times they poked me, 1 time they spat in my face. They tried to get me to go and not wait for the police. At the same time, they swore in such a way that I had not heard in Cyprus for 20 years. And this is what came of it. Despite all the threats from the 3 x Cypriots. Punches of name-calling and spitting in my face, I didn’t hide them from the scene of the attack. I sent a male parking attendant to him, he scattered everything for him, he didn’t let them out of the parking lot. They are standing right now in the parking lot waiting for the police to come”

    Police have ordered an investigation into the incident.

    Witness comes forward in parking lot incident

    Racist attack in Larnaca (video )(update 2)

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