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    J / K apologized for her behavior… Svetlana expresses legal intention

    In the wake of the fierce reactions to the video released, which depicts a racist attack on a woman by Russia, the Larnaca TAE is continuing to investigate the case that has caused a stir in Cypriot public and beyond.

    The woman from Russia lodged with the Larnaca TAE investigators for more than two hours yesterday, refuting her claim that she had asked the three Greek Cypriot money not to speak about the car.

    Subsequently, the Greek Cypriots involved in the incident also reported that they had sued Svetlana for violating personal data regarding the publication of the video recording their faces and that of one of their children. two.

    However, according to information, one of the two Greek Cypriot women in her testimony apologized for the way she spoke and in defense of her, alleging that the interrogators went out because she told Svetlana to stop recording with her cellphone and she continued.

    On the side of Svetlana the Russian Party

    Speaking on Alpha television, Russian party spokesman in Cyprus Dimitris Michalakakos said that the party is on the side of Svetlana Seitseva to provide legal support, as it has already expressed its intention to respond legally to those accused of blackmail. .

    Closed circuits are considered

    Police will also examine closed circuits for parking and other buildings in the area to obtain all the information needed to investigate the case.

    Police, which has launched a probe into the case, are investigating offenses related to combating certain forms of racism and xenophobia, common assault, public humiliation, threat, and concern. Authorities assess the case as serious because of the fact that the incident took place before a minor.

    It is specified by the Ministry of Education

    In the meantime, the “mumbles” who wanted one of the two to be an educational psychologist and work in the Ministry of Education denied the Ministry with a statement it issued.

    In a statement today, the Ministry of Education makes it clear that, after being officially briefed by the Police, it clarifies that the three involved in yesterday’s incident in Larnaca are neither teachers nor have any relationship with the Ministry.

    Witness comes forward in parking lot incident

    Witness comes forward in parking lot incident

    Racist attack in Larnaca (video )(update 2)

    Larnaca racist attack video – woman sacked

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