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    EU envoy could provide momentum to restart Cyprus negotiations, EP President says

    “While Cyprus remains divided, Europe will never achieve full unity,” stated the President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola, during a joint press conference in Strasbourg with South Cyprus President Christodoulides.

    Before addressing the plenary session of the European Parliament, Christodoulides held talks with Metsola. Following their meeting, the President of the European Parliament emphasised, “The only way forward is to establish a single, sovereign European state—a bicommunal, bizonal federation in line with the UN Security Council resolutions.”

    She further stressed that the Cyprus problem is not solely a Cypriot concern but also a European issue. Metsola expressed her belief that increased EU involvement throughout the negotiation process would be beneficial, suggesting that “the EU, potentially through a qualified envoy, could provide renewed momentum to restart the negotiations.”

    On his part, Christodoulides agreed that the EU’s active involvement could be a game changer. He said that within the full spectrum of EU-Turkey relations, the EU possessed the necessary tools and incentives to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome. Christodoulides stressed the EU’s role in supporting the UN’s efforts rather than replacing them.

    He also expressed his commitment to resuming negotiations and sought the support of the European Parliament.

    Metsola highlighted the dedication of the European Parliament to Cyprus. She reiterated that as long as Cyprus remains divided, Europe’s unity will remain incomplete. “You are not alone in your desire to see your island reunified under the auspices of the UN peace plan,” Metsola assured.

    In addition to the Cyprus problem, the two leaders discussed migration, with Metsola noting that member states cannot handle migration flows on their own. She underscored the importance of developing a unified EU migration and asylum policy that is both fair and compassionate.

    Turning to the upcoming European elections, Christodoulides looked forward to their next meeting in Cyprus, which would mark the beginning of the campaign. As Cyprus is set to hold the Presidency of the Council of the EU in the first half of 2026, these elections hold significant importance for the country, he said.

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