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    What awaits the two women for the racist attack in Larnaca?

    With five years in prison or a fine of ten thousand euros, or both sentences, both women are at risk of being prosecuted over the racist assault on a 40-year-old Russian woman in a parking lot in Larnaca.

    They are facing offenses related to racism, xenophobia and domestic violence, with the most serious being racism.

    Hosted by the Alpha Update program, lawyer Elias Stefanou clarified that the crime of domestic violence relates to psychological violence suffered by minors in front of the episode.

    And he was referring to a previous case of racism brought to justice.

    “Four years ago, some young people in November were attacked in a Turkish Cypriot car.

    Although the case was tried after four years and then they were minors, they were sentenced to suspended prison because of their young age. but it is that the courts deal with such cases with prison sentences. ”

    Mr Stefanou said issues of racism and xenophobia are high on the agenda for respect for human rights and as such are being addressed by the court.

    “We did not have such cases with such a background and specific legislation.

    The legislation has been amended with a specific sentence. There may have been racist attacks and this was taken into account in the sentence, but such a specific law that covers these offenses now exists”

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