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    Turkish Airlines announce June 4th

    Turkish Airlines has announced that the flight cessation decision has been extended until June 4 and June 10, due to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) outbreak.

    THY Chairman İlker Aycı announced the date they planned to open domestic and international flights, saying “if everything goes well”, in a live broadcast from Youtube by Cüneyt Özdemir.

    Here is the statement that İlker Aycı made on the air:

    If you asked me a week ago, I will probably start if everything goes well, like May 28. I would say that we will start our international flights at the beginning of June. But what happened was examined and looked at, the new date on the domestic flights went to June 4, and the new date for international flights went to June 10. So now we are trying to adapt to the new date by updating our tariff, but I would like to say to all our passengers who buy tickets, no matter, the tickets they buy are valid. They are entitled to free amendments until December 31, 2021, free of charge. We will change the tickets free of charge. Our passengers can set a new date and fly.

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    There will naturally be some reduction in the number of trips. We will gradually open up to more flights. For example, if everything goes well, let’s imagine that we started flights, we will start flights on certain destinations. We will start flights to our metropolitan cities such as Istanbul-Ankara, Istanbul-Izmir, Istanbul-Trabzon, Istanbul Antalya.

    We made a plan accordingly. we have set about 12 to 14 destinations in Turkey to start flying with more opening within a week if we see fit.

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