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    Religious Affairs say Take your ablution at home

    The Presidency of Religious Affairs stated that those who will perform the feast prayer should take their ablutions in their homes, they cannot enter the mosque without a mask and they should bring there own prayer rugs.

    In his written statement, the President of Religious Affairs Talip Atalay reminded that the ban on mass worship across the country due to the global coronavirus outbreak will end on May 24, and the prayer for Ramadan will be held on Sunday, May 24, at 15:15.

    Atalay stated that due to the sensitivity of the situation, the presidency took a series of measures, they determined the rules that both the officers and the community should follow and they also notified all the officers with a circular.

    Atalay listed the rules to be followed regarding the Ramadan Feast prayer as follows:

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    1. Our officers should clean and disinfect the mosque, places reserved for prayer in the courtyard and other points of contact for the eve.

    2. In double-door mosques, entrance-exits should only be provided from one door.

    3. Since the mosque courtyards will be used for prayer, they should be kept empty and vehicles should not be allowed to park.

    4. The mosque toilets and the fountain should be kept closed before and during the prayer if possible.

    5. The mosque air conditioners should be kept closed, the fans should not be operated, the ventilation of the mosques should be done by opening the windows.

    6. It should be ensured that those with the smallest symptoms, fever, fatigue, dry cough, breathing difficulties, sore throat, runny nose, flu infection are not attending the prayer and directed to a health institution.

    7. Our community, which are high-risk group due to age and chronic disease, should be advised to perform their worship at home.

    8. Our community must be masked, those who do not have a mask should not be allowed inside.

    9. A suitable disinfectant (80 degree cologne is also suitable) must be kept in all mosques.

    10. In our mosques, our officer or a predetermined volunteer must meet our community wearing a mask with a suitable disinfectant in hand.

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    11. social distancing markers should be placed in advance in accordance with the physical distance.

    12. Our community should visit our mosques in accordance with the social distancing and they should be allowed to sit only in the marked places.

    13. It should be said that the congregation should perform its prayer on its own prayer rugs by laying it at determined markers.

    14. If the marked places in the mosque are full, the community should keep to the courtyards of the mosque, in accordance with social distancing.

    15. In case of need, a person, should announce the prayers of the imam to the congregation on the outside, and ensure people can hear praying in the courtyard of the mosque.

    16.Our officials and community should continue to keep their masks attached during the prayer.

    17. feast prayer must be made on time, only the feast sermon prepared by our Presidency should be read.

    28. The duration of the feast prayer and the sermon of the feast should be kept as short as possible.

    19. shaking hands (musafaha), embracing, physical contact should not be made, this issue should be reminded to our community before the prayer and at the end of the sermon.

    20. The necessary reminder should be made and coordinated in order for the congregation when leaving from the mosque in accordance with the social distancing.

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