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Erdogan: Greece, others ‘only want Turkey to catch fish’ in East Med

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused, in an interview, Cyprus, Egypt, France and Greece of trying to marginalize Turkey...
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South Cyprus: Any prospects for resumption of Cyprus talks would require….

CypriumNews Reporting
Any prospects for the resumption of UN-led talks for a settlement to the Cyprus problem would require the termination of...
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Cyprus: Everything around changes but everything stays the same – Anxious calm

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politis reports Perhaps it is somewhat untimely at this time to talk about the Cyprus issue and the possibility of...
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Akıncı: “There is a meeting on Tuesday; the report has still not be released is a great example of irresponsibility”

CypriumNews Reporting
President Mustafa Akıncı, by publishing a written statement, said: “The TRNC Covid-19 Report has still been given to the Presidency and...
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EU to discuss relations with Turkey, but sanctions off the table

CypriumNews Reporting
ekathimerini reporting that Greece will ask the European Union to prepare a list of “very powerful measures” against Turkey, in...
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My name is Theodoulos and I decided to return to my Village in the North

CypriumNews Reporting
I breathed for the first time in Kyrenia and lived in my village and in my family home for only...
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