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What an absolute mess. A few hours around a Saturday lunchtime at the checkpoint of shame between the divide at...
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Cyprus solution could generate €17 bln ‘peace dividend

CypriumNews Reporting
Cyprus reunification would bring about enormous economic advantages for both sides of the island’s divide generating a peace windfall of...
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UNFICYP to formulate proposal for military contact between two sides

CypriumNews Reporting
The UN intend to ask both sides in Cyprus about their ideas concerning the establishment of an effective mechanism for...
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Turkey slams tearing of its flag in European Parliament

CypriumNews Reporting
Turkey’s foreign minister Thursday blasted at a Greek lawmaker’s tearing Turkish flag at the European Parliament. “These racist minds know...
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Reunified Cyprus: End to East Med tensions?

CypriumNews Reporting
To reduce actors’ motives to just natural gas or maritime boundaries detracts attention from goal of settlement on Cyprus  ...
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Özersay speaks at the House of Lords

CypriumNews Reporting
TRNC Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay spoke at the House of Lords, in London, which...
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Russia dismisses rumours on recognition of the TRNC

CypriumNews Reporting
Russia supports a Cyprus settlement on the basis of UN Security Council resolutions and, contrary to rumours, does not intent...
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CMP recovers human remains at Pervolia beach

CypriumNews Reporting
The Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus (CMP) has taken custody of the human remains found accidentally on a beach...
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‘Unexpected’ discovery of skeletal burials at Paphos Agora excavations

CypriumNews Reporting
Archaeologists working on the Paphos Agora Project (PAP) have made an unexpected discovery of several skeletal burials dug into earlier...
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Anastasiades asks Merkel to convey message to Erdogan

CypriumNews Reporting
Greek Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades on Thursday asked German Chancellor Angela Merkel to convey a message to Turkish President Recep...
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