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    Spehar informed SA about the Cyprus issue and UNFICYP

    The briefing of the Security Council members on Monday by UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative in Cyprus Elizabeth Spehar on UNFICYP and developments in Cyprus covered the full range of report topics, including issues of co-operation between the two dealing with the pandemic, the issues of hydrocarbon research and the tension in the Cypriot EEZ, the developments in the dead zone, what should be done to advance the cooperation in military matters, etc.

    Also for the roadblocks, which everyone wants to reopen and the limited cooperation that existed during the pandemic.

    Regarding the cooperation mechanism, the members of the Security Council asked about the delay in the operation of the mechanism and said that it is good to move forward and make further progress.

    Ms. Spehar reportedly said that “there is available on both sides to do something”, recalling the proposal submitted 1 to  May.

    The reference to sides – however – bothers the Cypriot government – which insists on the Turkish side that the leader of the occupying forces participate.

    Regarding the Cyprus issue and the prospects for the resumption of the negotiation process, Ms. Spehar reportedly said that there is a desire to proceed with the informal 5 + meeting, but this cannot be done until the process of electing a new leader of the Turkish Cypriot community is completed.

    in October. Disappointment was expressed by members, however the postings did not show any expectation of progress under the circumstances.

     However, all those involved were urged to show the necessary political will to return to the negotiating table.

    The Turkish threats against Varosi were raised by several delegations, emphasizing the need to respect the status of the city.

     Many also referred to the violations in Strovilia and it is expected that for both issues there will be again the relevant references in the resolution that will be called to adopt the SA. on July 29th.

    The report, for the time being, is at the level of five permanent members and a revised text is expected to be given today, which will probably be given to the other members as well.

    The text follows the philosophy of the latest UNFICYP resolution, with an emphasis on roadblocks and cooperation between the two sides.

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