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    Southern Cyprus: Our alliances protect us

    Tensions are rising rapidly in the region with the involvement of the United States in the recently increasing tension between Turkey and Greece.

    The U.S. lifting of the arms embargo on Southern Cyprus last month also led to a crisis in the Turkey-U.S. line, and Turkey announced that it strongly condemned the decision.

    At the military ceremony held in Nicosia yesterday on the 62nd anniversary of the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus’ independence from Britain, Turkey was again at the top of the agenda. Speaking at the ceremony, Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiades suggested that Turkey is trying to increase tensions in the region.





    A large number of soldiers participated in the parade.

    Saying that European Union (EU) membership surrounds Southern Cyprus like a shield, Anastasiades said, “The strategic alliances we have established with neighboring countries and other EU countries, as well as other powers that understand and share our concerns about the new rhetoric of the Turkish government, protect us.”

    Noting that they will continue to strengthen the Cypriot army in Southern Cyprus, Anastasiades said, “We will not allow Turkey to drag us into conflict.” The Cypriot leader noted that they have taken military and political measures against Turkey and said, “No one should doubt whether we will sit down or wait.”


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