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    Oil slick from power plant in Syria expected to reach Cyprus’ north on Tuesday

    Authorities in South Cyprus are on alert monitoring an oil slick from a power plant on Syria’s Mediterranean coast which is expected to reach the north of the divided island on Tuesday.

    The Fisheries Department has already extended a helping hand to the north, state radio has said.

    A fuel oil leak at the Baniyas power plant was first reported last week, and Syrian state media said the leak was an accident.

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    Cyprus said satellite imagery from the European Maritime Safety Agency showed the existence of a “possible oil spill” between the island and Syria.

    Oil slick from power plant in Syria expected to reach Cyprus’ north on Tuesday 1

    Modeling and meteorological data showed it is expected to “affect the Cape of Apostolos Andreas in the next 24 hours,” the fisheries department said in a statement.

    Steps had been taken to inform authorities in the north of the island, the department said, adding that “the Republic of Cyprus is ready to respond and provide assistance if requested.”

    It said the slick appeared to be “oil sheen” rather than crude oil.

    “Based on the National Emergency Plan for dealing with marine pollution from petroleum products, the Reaction Team met at the Joint Rescue Coordination Center to assess all data to take action,” it added.

    The size of the leak ranges from two to four tons of fuel, Syria’s electricity minister told the pro-government Al-Watan newspaper on Monday.

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    Tatar: “We are monitoring developments, we have reported them to Turkey”

    President Ersin Tatar said they were closely monitoring developments amid reports that the Syrian oil spill was moving towards the Karpaz coast of Cyprus.

    Tatar stressed to TAK that he had met with Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay, that the Turkish Embassy in Nicosia was also in place and that whatever needed to be done would be done.

    President Tatar said he had met with Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoglu and they were in consultation on the issue.

    President Tatar stated that whether the oil spill at sea will reach Cyprus depends on the condition of the wind, adding that the necessary will be done.

    Saner: “We follow in cooperation with Turkey”

    Prime Minister Ersan Saner announced that oil leaking from Syria is being monitored in cooperation with Turkey and a crisis table has been set up at the Prime Minister’s Office.

    Prime Minister Saner said in a statement: “The progress of oil leaking from Syria towards our island is closely monitored by all our Ministries and units related to the Prime Minister’s Office in cooperation with Motherland Turkey. Our undersecretary of the Prime Minister is connected to Turkey and all relevant authorities at the highest level in accordance with my directives. No one can doubt that whatever is necessary to ensure that our country is not harmed by this leak, it will be done. “

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    Ataoglu: “We have taken all measures”

    Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoglu explained the fuel leaking from Syria.

    Minister Ataoglu said that he came to the information about the issue at noon today and that all necessary measures were taken regarding what can be done after the flow of information.

    Stating that the President and prime minister have also been informed and the issue has been dealt with closely, Ataoglu stated that all institutions continue to work in cooperation.

    Ataoglu stated that they contacted The Minister of Environment and Urbanization of Turkey, Mr. Murat Kurum, upon receiving the news of the oil spill, and stressed that the technical teams immediately started their work on the issue.

    Ataoglu, who also acted with the Security Forces Command, said that coast guard teams were being discussed in the Karpaz area, and that the personnel of the Environmental Protection Agency were also present in the Karpaz area and were following the developments.

    Ataoglu said that based on current information, the leak is expected to reach the karpaz coast between August 31st and September 1st.

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    3 ships set sail from Turkey

    Emphasizing that the turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization teams monitored the leak immediately via satellite, Ataoglu said that an expert team will come to the island tomorrow and start work.

    Ataoglu stated that he also contacted Turkish Transport Minister Adil Karaismailoglu, noting that on the orders of Minister Karaismailoglu, 3 ships set off with their equipment and were ready to intervene.

    Emphasizing that the expert team will intervene very quickly according to the course of the fuel tracked by satellite, Ataoğlu wanted that the necessary action would be taken professionally and that no one should have any doubts about this.

    Ataoglu also said that they can meet with the municipalities of the region and start work to prevent the in case of pollution in the region from tomorrow, and that they will continue to work 24 hours a day to prevent damage caused by oil.


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