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    Guterres has called the parties to an emergency meeting, (UPDATE4)

    UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has just called all parties to an emergency meeting.

    Guterres has called the parties to an emergency meeting, (UPDATE4) 1

    It was reported that Guterres’ decision to meet again was made after bilateral talks during the day.

    It was stated that Anastasiadis had just gone to meet with Greek Foreign Minister and  Dendias and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom, Dominique after Guterres’ call for an urgent meeting.

    UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is considering appointing a special envoy. According to our information, it will probably be Jane Hall Luth.

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    The proposal of the Turkish Cypriot side breaks the status quo, says the representative of Tatar

    Today is a historic day, for the first time the Turkish Cypriot side has submitted a realistic and constructive proposal to break the status quo, was the comment of the representative of the Turkish Cypriot leader, Berna Celik Dogruyol, when asked to comment on the 6-point proposal that Ersin Tatar testified in the morning at the plenary session of the informal meeting in Geneva.

    Speaking on a “Baira” show and invited to comment on the proposal, Ms. Dogruyol said that for the first time the Turkish Cypriots wanted confirmation of their sovereign equality and equal international status. It is an opportunity to start a process that will bring a realistic and lasting result, he added. “Of course if this proposal is accepted. “We came here to end a tedious, degenerate process for the federation that has been going on for decades and has not yielded any results.”

    The package, he said, was given to the UN and stakeholders as it was incorporated into Mr Tatar’s speech in plenary this morning. It concerns, he continued, 1.5 pages and 5 principles, as he mentioned. “The message is clear.” The Turkish Cypriots, he said, will not relinquish their sovereignty

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    The extraordinary session of the 5 + 1 plenary session convened by the Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres has ended. According to the information, a new plenary session is expected tomorrow at 11 in the morning.

    Bilateral meetings with the two leaders that would take place after the Secretary-General’s dinner tonight with the five may not take place. However, it is not ruled out that if something happens during the dinner, the UN Secretary General will choose to meet the two leaders separately.

    Mr. Nikos Anastasiadis, expressed great disappointment for what the Turkish Cypriot side submitted in writing at the informal conference in Geneva, convened by the UN Secretary General.

    Speaking to reporters tonight after the plenary session of the informal conference in Geneva, Anastasiadis said: “We remain firm in our position that the parameters of the resolutions, the Summit Agreements, the work that produced to date, the declaration of the 25 th November 2019 and certainly in the SG letter dated 26 th October that says you have to work on the basis of the work produced to date.

    The consultations will continue tomorrow at 10 in the morning in a new plenary session “.

    Asked if the dinner to be hosted by the UN Secretary-General tonight would take place, Anastasiadis said yes.

    Asked if Ms Luth would be appointed special envoy, Anastasiadis said “it has not been decided whether anyone will be appointed ‘.

    Asked about his expectations, he said: “I must say that what Mr. Tatar has submitted in writing is very disappointing. Of course I have told the Secretary General that our effort was to create a positive climate without challenges, without references to what we unacceptably heard. I have also told the Secretary General that we will submit our positions in writing with scientific documentation and not only with the political view of things “.

    Guterres has called the parties to an emergency meeting, (UPDATE4) 2 Guterres has called the parties to an emergency meeting, (UPDATE4) 3 Guterres has called the parties to an emergency meeting, (UPDATE4) 4

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