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    Grant and credit of 2 billion 288 million 976 thousand TL from TC

    Economic and Financial Cooperation Agreement was signed between TRNC and TR.

    The agreement, which includes 2 billion 288 million 976 thousand TL grants and loans, aims to heal the wounds caused by the Covid-19 outbreak in the TRNC economy.

    The agreement was signed by Prime Minister Ersin Tatar and Deputy President of the Republic of Turkey Fuat Oktay with a video conference.

    Before the signature, Tatar and Oktay spoke.


    In his speech before the signature, Prime Minister Ersin Tatar thanked those who contributed to the protocol, wishing that the agreement they made with teleconferences was beneficial on such a feast day.

    Stating that it is a program that has been continuing for a long time and has been elaborated due to the corona, Tatar said, “By turning all the important works and sacrifices made into the opportunity during the corona, the structure of the TRNC is reached for a safer future and prosperity. ”

    Stating that this has an economic and financial dimension and a financial transfer of approximately 2.3 billion TL, Tatar said that after the 750 million TL program signed on 20 July 2019 when they came into Government, a transfer of 3 billion TL was transferred in this period. He stated that this means strengthening the infrastructure and competitiveness of the TRNC.

    Tatar said that the important thing is to strengthen the sectors in which TRNC is comparatively advantageous by strengthening the real sector and infrastructure, achieving success in tourism and higher education and foreign sales in the field of housing, and making agricultural works sustainable. Tatar said that he believes that these efforts for the sustainable competitiveness structure of TRNC are very important, with the completion of the water project, the progress in bringing electricity with natural gas, and bringing the energy costs in the TRNC down.

    Tatar thanked Oktay for the support and noted that as a result of the public’s compliance with the decisions and regulations made by the government on time, a success was shown during the coronavirus epidemic period.

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    As a result of this, Tatar stated that TRNC has successfully overcome the corona process, which even the world states continue to suffer, and creates hope for the future.


    Tatar TRNC tourism and higher education increase the brand value as expressed in the island and it will contribute to a stronger point to point, noting that Turkey has become more meaningful support in this environment.

    Reminding that tourism and higher education caused losses in economic income as a result of the precautions they took by taking health first in this process.


    TC Vice President Fuat Oktay said “Turkey and the TRNC Between Economic and Financial Cooperation Agreement” the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) of the damage caused in the economy of the epidemic to give support rapidly, said it was designed with a strong future projections.

    Pointing out that many developed countries have serious problems in the fight against Covid-19, economy, production and trade relations are affected, Oktay said, “As the world passed such a difficult test, TRNC showed an example of a total admirable struggle with its government and its citizens.” said.

    Oktay, stating that the determined attitude of the TRNC government has revealed an important success story with the support of the Turkish Cypriot people, noted that there has been no positive case in TRNC for more than a month.


    Recalling that they sent 3 fire fighting helicopters to respond to forest fires in TRNC last week, Oktay underlined that they will continue to be with the TRNC and Turkish Cypriot people regardless of the circumstances.

    Fuat Oktay also announced that they put one of the firefighting helicopters at the nearest point to the TRNC in case of any new fire risk.

    “The process of fighting the epidemic once again demonstrated the importance of the reforms that should be made in the economy management of the TRNC.” Oktay said:

    For the welfare of the Turkish Cypriot people, we are determined to take the necessary steps together seriously and without losing time to bring TRNC to a sustainable economy. We will continue to carry out new projects shoulder to shoulder by completing concrete projects such as roads, water networks and hospitals, which were launched last year and with previous agreements. ”

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    Oktay stated that the agreement they will sign is the concrete engagement of President Erdoğan’s support for the Turkish Cypriot people.

    “The agreement was designed with a strong future projection to support the rapid healing of the epidemic in the economy.” Using the expression, Oktay said:

    Oktay stated that within the scope of the agreement, financial resources will be transferred to TRNC in the form of grants and credits. Tourism Covid-19 Outbreak Support Program, Rural Development and Social Work Project, Agricultural Investment Support and Agricultural Credit Program and Credit Program for Industrialists and Small Tradesmen. he spoke.

    Pointing out that there will be new opportunities for the TRNC economy after the epidemic process, Oktay said, “The Economic and Financial Cooperation Agreement of 2020 will be the rising ground of TRNC and our brotherhood, which has been prepared strongly for the new norm. offers new channels. as a result of the present potential strategic breakthrough with Turkey’s support to be directed to the TRNC’s future will be much more clear and bright. ”

    Fuat Oktay expressed his sincere belief that by acting with the awareness of brotherhood, they can make the TRNC more economically sound, prosperous and competitive.

    Emphasizing that the international community should persuade the Greek Cypriot Administration to fair sharing and dialogue with the Turkish Cypriot side for the solution of the hydrocarbon resources issue in the region, Oktay concluded his speech as follows:

    “The solution of the Cyprus issue cannot be overcome without political equality between the parties on the island. With our belief in the national case, we will continue the struggle for rights and equity until the legitimate rights of the Turkish Cypriot people are delivered and our Turkish Cypriot brothers have achieved political equality on the Island. we will continue to do our best as the Mother country and the guarantor country so that they can continue to live in peace, peace and prosperity.

    After the speeches, Oktay and Tatar signed the Economic and Financial Cooperation Agreement between the two countries.

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