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    Articles of agreement signed with Turkey

    Government of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus; To realize the objectives and reform actions set out in the 2020 Action Plan below in a timely and complete manner, to prepare the Economic Program proposal covering the year 2021 by the end of October 2020 at the latest, the structural transformation steps by the end of 2020, the macroeconomic objectives, the strategic objectives. and committed to preparing a plan of at least 3 years, which includes reform actions.

    Here are the actions and reforms that the TRNC government should realize in a timely and complete manner:

    1. The total number of newly employed staff (including institutions and organizations) in the public sector (including temporary staff) does not exceed the number of people leaving the previous year for 2020 (during 2020)
    2. The number of temporary workers to be employed does not exceed the number of temporary workers leaving the public in the previous year (during 2020)
    3. TRNC e-government studies, to continue working in coordination with Turkey and the acceleration of the digital work (throughout 2020)
    4. Institutions that use public resources and / or whose public administration is not assigned without any allowance and do not cause any damage (during 2020 years).
    5. Enhancing the institutional and technical capacity of the TRNC Statistical Institute (2020)
    6. Professionalizing the management of the Cooperative Central Bank, preparing the Bank’s restructuring plan and enacting Chapter 114 Cooperative Companies (Amendment) Law (2020)
    7. Analyzing the actuarial balance of the social security system for the next 20 years and implementing the necessary structural measures (2020)
    8. Preparation and approval of the TRNC Ports master plan (2020)
    9. The entry into force of the Tourism Strategic Plan with the Decision of the Council of Ministers and the establishment of an Action Plan Monitoring Commission (2020)
    10. Taking necessary measures and making arrangements to facilitate doing business (2020)
    11. implementation and revision of agreements for trade relations between Turkey and the TRNC and updating (2020)
    12. Enforcement of Energy Efficiency Law (2020)
    13. Continue to work on electricity and gas interconnection projects (2020)
    14. Creation of Integrated Agricultural Information System (2020)
    15. The entry into force of the Higher Education Strategy Action Plan with the Decision of the Council of Ministers (2020)
    16. Increasing the technical and administrative capacity of the TRNC Prime Ministry Northern Cyprus Investment Development Agency (YAGA) and the Ministry of Public Works and Project Preparation and Application Unit by using idle engineers and architects (1 June 2020)
    17. Establishment of Project Implementation and Follow-Up Commissions consisting of minimum 3 officials in all Ministries of the TRNC, (15 June 2020)


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