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    Erhürman: Guterres highlights the urgent need for ‘solution’ in his report

    Republican Turkish Party (CTP) President Tufan Erhürman once again saw the necessity of a bi-zonal, bi-communal and political equality federal solution within the framework of all relevant United Nations (UN) Security Council resolutions and parameters.

    The main opposition CTP leader Erhürman evaluated the latest report of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. “The report of Mr. Secretary General contains promising elements for a solution,” said Erhürman.

    “It is what we have been saying for years,” said Erhürman.

    CTP leader Erhürman, who pointed out that the displacement of the solution has removed the island from stability, pointed to the importance of the UN Secretary-General’s saying that ‘the hopes for a comprehensive solution are still alive and are ready for the 5th conference as soon as possible’.

    Erhürman, who stated that the report emphasized that ‘the mistakes of closing the doors with unilateral decisions during the pandemic process and that the leaders could not cooperate adequately’ said:


    “It is important that the UN Secretary-General ‘says that hopes for a comprehensive solution are still alive and ready for the 5-point conference as soon as possible.”


    CTP leader Erhürman said in his report that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said it was promising that ‘hopes for a comprehensive solution in Cyprus are still alive’, ‘Mr. Secretary General needs support and initiatives to reach this goal as soon as possible’. .

    It is up to the parties to listen to this call and to do what is necessary.

    Noting that the progress towards changing the status quo is insufficient and the situation is far from stable, Erhürman also said, “The report pointing to the increasing problems due to the developments in the Mediterranean Sea, hydrocarbon riches and the tension that is climbing in the Eastern Mediterranean, is the step towards an agreement. Considering that it is necessary to consult with the two Cypriot leaders and guarantor countries. It was once again repeated in the report that the island’s natural resources should benefit both communities. All interested parties should receive the necessary messages from here. ”

    “As Guterres mentioned in his report, free movement in Cyprus should be normalized after the start of international entries and exits. CTP will continue to support such confidence building steps. ”

    Erhürman continued as follows:

    “In the Guterres report, which indicated that the COVID-19 pandemic process, which has also affected the Island since March 2020, has further complicated the efforts to find a solution to the Cyprus problem and the daily situation on the Island, attention is paid to the importance of the measures to be taken in collaboration with the bi-communal scientific health technical committee.

    The report interprets the decision to close the crossing points with unilateral decisions at the Over health measures and emphasizes the importance of the dialogue and cooperation between the two leaders to normalize free movement on the Island following the opening of the airports.

    With a special reference to the need for confidence-building measures and the need to improve citizens’ daily lives, the Secretary-General of the United Nations continued to support the idea of ​​developing cooperation between the two parties without ‘concern for recognition’. Many of the elements that the Secretary General emphasized in his report must have reminded all parties of the necessity and urgency of the United Federal Cyprus. ”


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