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    Cyprus Tmt: “We should not take part in the talks until the TRNC is recognized”

    Cyprus TMT Mujahideen Association said, “We should not take part at thetalks until the TRNC is recognized.”

    According to the written statement of the Association President Yılmaz Bora, since the “two-state solution” will be defended as a thesis at the meeting to be held in Geneva on April 27, before the meeting started, it is He noted that it should be asked.

    Expressing that the request of the EU to participate in the 5 + 1 meeting was met with reaction by the President, Bora said:

    “In this connection, since the terms of two equal sides are used by the UN, let the UN explain what is meant and we put our attitude accordingly.

    The Greeks, who were encouraged by the inhumane practices we have been subjected to during the period from the beginning of the Greek attacks in 1963 and the seizure of the Republic of Cyprus by force of arms and terrorism, are so advanced that they will even deny our presence on the island.

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    They persistently put forward the zero soldiers zero guarantee thesis in order to get rid of the guarantor ship they see as an obstacle for Enosis.

    In declarations made recently rightly of our motherland officials of the Cyprus issue, the reason to come to the current situation in Turkey and Cyprus has been expressed that the Turkish people.

    Turkey is a party as a guarantor and other guarantors of the Cyprus issue is not aware of its responsibility to act with such countries.

    For this reason, those of us who suffer from the Annan Plan should not live once again with the last dangerous examples in Crans Montana and should not be on the table without the recognition of the two-state structure that we are right and believe to be a realistic solution, namely the TRNC, which has existed for 38 years. After so many years, and despite being the victim and rightful party, we should have no hesitation in taking this last step. ”


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