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    Announcements straight after the New York lunch

    With announcements to the media they will close the lunch that will take place in a few hours in New York. Despite the negative climate in which the trilateral meeting is taking place, however, some announcements are expected from the United Nations.

    The appointment of a new personal envoy of the UN Secretary-General will be the “main course” of the meeting. Antonio Guterres is expected to brief Nicos Anastasiades and Ersin Tatar on jane Hall Lute’s successor at the meeting. Already the Secretary-General has received positive responses from both leaders in order to proceed with the appointment.

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    It is not excluded that the announcement of the new envoy of the UNSG will be made immediately after the meeting, which is scheduled for 20.15 Cyprus time (13.15 New York time).

    According to our information, Anastasiades will make statements immediately after the meeting. Tatar is expected to do the same in order to set out his own positions.

    The aim at the moment is to continue efforts on the Cyprus issue and, on the basis of the data so far, the only way to achieve this is the appointment of an envoy by the UNSG, who will undertake to speak with both sides. Its main mission is to find common ground that will enable the resumption of talks.

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