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    You got One month, from Özersay to UBP

    Özersay, who evaluated the joint declaration of 6 political parties in the Assembly against the Greek side preventing crossings to the north.

    Expressing that they brought the issue to the agenda of the UN and the EU, Özersay emphasized the importance of both the UN and the EU to take a counter attitude towards the Greek side.

    Özersay added that the purpose of harming the Northern Cyprus economy would not be to accept such outdated movements.

    On questions about other external developments, Özersay said, “An equation that ignores the will of the TRNC, the will of this state and these people, cannot be formed in the Eastern Mediterranean.

    And in this respect, we can develop a collaborative, dialogue-based interdependence relationship, not with conflict. And this will benefit the Turkish Cypriot people. ”

    Özersay said, “If we talk about the last week; Not only the important states that are members of the EU but also the EU institutions that they no longer want to bring together the parties. Therefore, the next period will be a period in which to discuss topics such as how the “exclusive economic zone” of the continental shelf of natural gas will share resources on this subject … “.

    Özersay said, “a new situation will be created in Cyprus, different from 1960, and since both peoples need administration; a structure that only the Greek Cypriots want will not emerge.

    The way out for us; By collaborating on these and similar issues, if we can do something together and manage to share it, it is to build trust on it, and to establish a partnership on that trust. ” said.

    Speaking about the stage of Closed Maraş, Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Kudret Özersay said, “We have signed a protocol with Eastern Mediterranean University. According to this protocol, the Faculty of Engineering of the university will carry out a quick study on the buildings, the state we will make some contribution and report its results. the process of inventory studies will be completed in this way. ”

    Özersay said, “We have a presidential election process ahead of us.

    It is important not to waste the Maras issue in this process, In other words, we can talk about Maras, we can reveal our thoughts about Maras… Which I have been putting forward my ideas about Marash for years…

    If we say “Let’s take the Maras step” now that it is the election period, then we will not waste such an important project. ”.

    Upon asking for the latest developments in domestic policy, Özersay said about the Zoning Plan.

    “During the time we have not received any concrete proposal from our government partner regarding the Zoning Plan.

    Maybe we are busy with the epidemic period, we have a month ahead of us. If the concrete proposal comes, it comes into force as agreed. Some changes may of course happen.

    This means that if the proposals do not materialize within a period of one month, and the Zoning Plan cannot be put into effect with a constructive attitude, we cannot serve this country. Then there is not much meaning of this partnership ”.


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