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    UK ‘worst-case’ winter warning of 120,000 deaths

    A stark warning for the UK on Tuesday (July 14) as health experts published details of a ‘worst-case’ winter for a second wave of COVID-19. The modelling suggests a resurgence of the virus could kill up to 120,000 people over a nine month period from September, with people spending more time indoors during the cold weather. Professor Stephen Holgate, who co-lead the report by Britain’s Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) clarified the data by saying this was quote “not a prediction, but it is a possibility”. He urged that precautions to be taken immediately to reduce the risk. The data published by the AMS outlines a “reasonable worst-case scenario” where the reproductive “R” value of the virus rises to 1.7. Currently in Britain it’s roughly less than half that number. UK scientists are calling on health services to start preparing now to deal with a potentially bad winter flu season and a backlog of patients that might compound any second wave. The UK’s death toll from confirmed COVID-19 cases is over 45,000 and is the highest in Europe.
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