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    Vietnamese Murdered in the TRNC for 100 Dollars

    Father, son and grandmother arrested as suspects in the murder of Vietnamese Dam Thi Hop had their detention extended for another seven days yesterday.

    Police, who brought 45-year-old father S.S., 17-year-old son S.S. and 67-year-old grandmother S.S. to court for additional detention, said that the father, had testified that S.S. had committed the murder,

    Vietnamese Murdered

    Reliable sources that the suspect, S.S., had agreed to have sex with the woman he had taken home for $100. He said he killed her after an argument. Meanwhile, outside the courtroom, those around him asked the granmother suspect, “How have you kept the murder for four years?”, her reply was “I made helva and distributed it every week.”

    A Vietnamese woman (Dam Thi Hop) who was reported missing in 2017 and whose body was found stabbed 33 times and decomposed, wrapped in carpets and blankets near Ercan Airport a year and a half later, are being revealed.

    Family members of the suspected murderers, including 45-year-old father S.S., 17-year-old son S.S. and 67-year-old grandmother S.S. who were arrested in connection with the murder of Dam Thi Hop, appeared in court yesterday and their detention was extended by seven days.

    In a voluntary statement to police, the 45-year-old suspect, S.S., who pleaded guilty, testified that they went home by agreeing to have sex in exchange for money, but an argument broke out between them over $100, during which he stabbed the Vietnamese woman to death.

    “The 67-year-old suspect, the oldest of the suspected family members and brought to court in a wheelchair, answered a question posed to her outside the courtroom yesterday. “How did you hide the murder for four years, how did you endure it?”

    the S.S. was heard saying, “I made helva and distributed it every week.”


    All three suspects have confessed The three suspects arrested on charges of premeditated manslaughter and manslaughter, were arraigned yesterday morning at nicosia Court with a request for additional detention and ordered held for seven days.

    During the detention hearing before Judge Mine Ozankaya, Prosecutor Hasan Bosniak, on behalf of the Trnc Attorney General’s Office, listened to Inspector Huseyin Göymen, who worked in the Judicial Branch of the Nicosia Police Department, as a witness. Göymen, said that an investigation was launched on January 6, 2019, after it was reported that there was a body wrapped in blankets and carpets in a wooded area on the Ercan-Gaziköy highway and that the body was taken to the morgue.

    Huseyin Göymen recalled that an autopsy performed by Dr. Idris Deniz on January 7, 2019 determined that there were 33 separate stab wounds in various parts of his body, and that the body was identified as Dam Thi Hop, a Vietnamese national who was reported missing on 15.10.2017.

    Inspector Hussein Goymen also said that the father said , “You only kill women” when the suspect S.S. and his son fought in the courtyard of their residence in Küçük Kaymali on October 12, 2021. “If I turn you in, you’ll get life. I’ll show the police where you threw her.” His father shouted at his son, “I’ll kill you too,” and the grandmother suspect, S.S., was with them.

    Noting that the moment of discussion was recorded by a resident in the area, Goymen told the court that the video and audio recording had been taken and an investigation had been launched.

    “The son testified against his father.” Hussein Goymen emphasized that during the interrogation of the suspected 17-year-old S.S., the suspect S.S., his father, confessed to killing Dam Thi Hop and dumping the body with his grandmother (All three of them).

    Police pointed out that the other two suspects have also testified and that the statements should be confirmed.

    Police told the court that the suspected killer, S.S., gave another voluntary statement on October 13th and made some allegations.

    In light of the search warrant obtained from the court, a search of the suspect’s residence revealed the Murder weapon, the knife, the wheelbarrow they used to carry the body from home to the car, and the Suzuki model car registered to the suspect, S.S., as evidence,


    Police said. He noted that voice analyses of the suspects should be carried out, mobile phone transcripts should be obtained and examined, voluntary statements would be confirmed, and that the victim’s belongings were searched and demanded that they be held for 7 days so that the investigation could be carried out safely. Judge Mine Ozankaya ordered an additional 7 days of detention, stressing the seriousness of the matter.

    Body of Murder Victim Found Near Ercan Identified


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