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    Undocumented workers 35% of workforce in the TRNC – “labour minister”

    The percentage of undocumented workers in the TRNC stands at 35% of the total labor force, “minister of labor and social security” Faiz Sucuoglu stated.

    Sucuoglu, who was a guest on Turkish Cypriot Diyalog TV, said that “the issue of illegal workplaces and workers is out of control,” adding that efforts have started in order to be able to register the undocumented workers.

    According to Sucuoglu, in 2018,  59,650 registered workers were “TRNC citizens,” 33,255 were Turkish citizens and 14,657 were from other countries.

    He also said that around 10,000 workplaces are unregistered.

    He added that there was a dramatic change to the number of workers from third countries, as their number was 2,917 in 2010 and reached 14,657 in 2018. The number of workers who were Turkish citizens in 2010 was 27,792 and last year it reached 33,000.

    Sucuoglu said that a protocol has been signed with the Turkish Employment Organisation (İş-Kur) so that the workers who come from Turkey to the TRNC through İş-Kur will be registered.

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