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    Turkey fails to bring up for discussion in Strasbourg case of Greek Cypriot applicant Titina Loizidou

    Turkey failed on Monday to bring up for discussion the case of Greek Cypriot applicant, Titina Loizidou, before a session of the Committee of Ministers of the Council, in Strasbourg, tasked with supervising the implementation of judgments issued by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). The move intended to add the topic in the Committee’s agenda, in a bid to close its supervision.

    Titina Loizidou, a Greek Cypriot applicant seeks to enforce a 1996 Court judgment, concerning the restitution and peaceful enjoyment of her property in Girne/Kyrenia, in North Cyprus. Turkey says it is not possible to restore the property and that Loizidou can only exchange it or receive compensation for it, directing the applicant to the ‘immovable property commission’ operating in North Cyprus.

    Diplomatic sources told CNA that in the beginning of Monday’s session, in Strasbourg, the Turkish delegation asked for Loizidou to be included in the Committee’s agenda. In a subsequent vote, the majority of Permanent Representatives opposed Ankara’s request.

    The only Cyprus-related case that is on the September agenda has to do with property rights of the Greek Cypriots in the in North Cyprus. The item was included in the agenda during a session of the Committee of Ministers, last December.

    The Committee of Ministers sits in Strasburg until Wednesday, September 25.

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