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    “There were some who talked a lot but did not come to work”

    Cenk Soydan, Director of the Department of Inpatient Treatment Institutions and Co-Communal Health Committee, stated that some of the physicians they called to work during the epidemic received did not come to the hospital and that they did not open the phone during the crisis, ”But there were also physicians who came to work and returned to the hospitals. The ones that I am really hurt about are those who talk a lot, those who write a lot on social media, but those who do not come to work when we needed them … ”

    There are deficiencies in the number of physicians, Soydan said that anesthesia and intensive care specialists are needed in the pandemic department, where 11 physicians and 2 intensive care specialists work in the intensive care unit.

    The work of the Bi-communal Health Committee

    Soydan also gave information about the work of the Bi-communal Health Committee and stated that the only agenda in the last period was Covid-19.

    Stating that the committee, which was established under the auspices of the Presidency in 2008, has been the co-chair since February, Soydan said that they were able to hold three face-to-face meetings due to the pandemic, They would hold such a meeting next week.

    “Co-President Leonidas was the first to call me in the fire”

    Soydan said, “We are communicating with the committee members every day…

    We have consulted with them on important tasks such as supplying medicines and bringing passengers coming to the South to the North.

    And I always say, when there was a fire in the hospital, ‘Do you need anything?’ “The first caller who called me was Co-President Leonidas.”

    Cenk Soydan stated that with the consultations during the pandemic, the number of people they took from Larnaca Airport to Ledra Palace Checkpoint and from there to the quarantine centers in the country reached 100.

    A child undergoing treatment for cancer, drugs needed could not here or in Turkey, at the initiative of the committee this drug are available in the south, he said that many patients have been treated in the South via the committee.

    “The situation in the south is good now… Anxiety increased with the start of the flights”

    Cenk Soydan stated that the situation in the south is good now, and the uneasiness increases with the start of the flights, the countries are divided into categories in the south, passengers are subjected to the practices determined for these categories, nothing is applied in category A, and test and quarantine are in question in other categories.

    Soydan said, “Souths infrastructure and financial means are strong. Their help is great. They also succeeded in this process, but the number of patients was high. ”

    (Situation in Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu)… The 6th Ward System is nowhere else in the world… New hospital is a must for Lefkosa ”

    Soydan said:

    “There are things that need to be fixed. Lefkosa Hospital is not enough. Generally, the number of beds in intensive care is limited, but this is not the only problem.

    Built-in 1978 to serve 250-300 people, the hospital is to small for the demands, the bed capacity was increased to 550 with additional rooms, but the occupancy rate is high.

    The 6-ward system in the hospital is nowhere in the world. Maybe this system was nice in 1978, not now.

    A new hospital is a must for Lefkosa. There is a project on this subject.

    Soydan, There have been deficiencies in the infrastructure for many years at Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital and there are serious problems related to intensive care, he noted that these problems have grown even more by the fire on February 28.

    Noting the magnitude and location of the fire, Soydan said that the incident could result in a greater disaster and that civilian defense, soldiers, firefighters, and hospital personnel made a tremendous effort to prevent the loss of lives and extinguish the fire.

    Cenk Soydan said that the insurance company eliminated the damage caused by the fire and that the angio, eco and x-ray instruments were damaged and announced that they would bid for the new eco and angio machine.

    Soydan said, “We increased our need for intensive care,  our number of intensive care beds is 30. This number is of course very few. Must be at least 50.

    We have work. We will open the burnT part of cardiovascular surgery as 10-bed intensive care UNITE, electrical work is being done. ”

    “Girne Hospital will meet an important need”

    Providing information on health personnel, Soydan said:

    “The number of nurses should definitely be increased,  The number of 20 years ago cannot be the same as today.

     We will have to increase it further,  We’re growing,  The number of intensive care is increasing,  Normal services are growing  We have a serious hospital project in Kyrenia.

    The necessary funds for the completion of the project that we took over in the form of reinforced concrete are in the Health Funds,  We plan to complete the hospital in 6 months, which will cost 30-35 million TL excluding the equipment.

    We need not only nurses but also doctors, technicians, officers and other staff.

    This will be a hospital with a capacity of 60 rooms and 160 beds, where 32 intensive care beds and dialysis departments will be available with cardiology, The hospital will meet an important need. ”

    Dr. Stating that he is the only specialist in some departments in Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital and showing medicine as an example, Soydan stated that there are no physicians in the branches of gastroenterology immunology, and there is a need for a pediatric neurologist, pediatric cardiologist, and pediatric nephrologist.


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