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    Tatar Moots Kosovo Model to Solve Cyprus Problem

    Everyone should know that the Greek Cypriots are putting preconditions for agreement at the negotiating table that will destroy the Turkish Cypriot people, Prime Minister Ersin Tatar has said.

    Tatar, who issued a written statement, said that the Greek Cypriots dream of taking the Turkish Cypriots back to the pre-1974 period. He also added that none of the Greek-Cypriot preconditions could be accepted by the Turkish Cypriots.

    Proposing that “new creative ideas and new solution models” should be put on the table, Tatar stated:

    The Kosovo model is there. If we are united, if we come out into the world in co-operation with Turkey, a model similar to Kosovo can be applied to Cyprus. If we head in this direction, the road will open for permanent, lasting peace in Cyprus. We will either walk the road of co-operation between the two states in Cyprus, or we will be hostages of the status quo.

    In our opinion, this is the time for new creative ideas and new solution models to be put on the table. The rest are efforts to continue the deadlock that has been going on for 40 years now”.

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