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    T/Cyp authorities block passage of Kato Pyrgos residents

    Kato Pyrgos residents were greatly inconvenienced on Monday after Turkish Cypriot authorities changed their rules and demanded a coronavirus free test to let them return to their homes via the TRNC, philenews report.

    It said that although the residents were allowed through to come to work, in line with an arrangement in force since June 26 when the Kato Pyrgos –Limnitis checkpoint reopened, they were prohibited from returning the same way.

    Kato Pyrgos community leader Nicos Kleanthous said that the arrangement was that they would need to show only one coronavirus free result.

    Earlier on Monday, the Turkish Cypriot authorities announced new travel instructions for entry to the TRNC through checkpoints, ports, and airports in effect as of today.

    Turkish-Cypriots working in the TRNC, pupils going to school in the South and Maronites and Greek-Cypriots who live in the TRNC may cross into the TRNC without going into quarantine given that they tested negative to a PCR test 72 hours in advance, they said.

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