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    Statement by President Mustafa Akıncı

    The opinions I mentioned a few days ago on social media are my sincere thoughts.

    Turkey suffered a lot to get rid of the scourge of terrorism is no doubt that our common desire, We have emphasized this on every occasion in various events.

    However, I believe that it is time for the wars that are about to enter their 10th year on Syrian soil to come to an end.

    It is inevitable for all peoples here and in the region to establish a system in which they can live in peace and dialogue.

    Syria’s territorial integrity within its own borders can be, Turkey is also essential to create a situation can feel safe in their own limits.

    As I emphasized earlier in this context it is clear the necessity of re-establishing relations between Turkey and Syria.

    This is precisely why diplomacy and dialogue are essential. In the same context, with other countries in the region and I believe Turkey will be much stronger in developing relations with the EU.

    In this sense, the need for diplomacy and dialogue is reflected as a call for dialogue with terrorist organizations, and politics through this is nothing more than distortion.

    How long has it been a crime to defend peace? What will it bring to blame and slander? The Turkish Cypriot people are people who attach great importance to the friendship and fraternal ties with Turkey from history.

    Throughout my term of office, I have endeavored to develop relations on the basis of mutual respect within the understanding of this importance.

    But it is not always possible to think the same way and to exhibit the same behavior in every subject.

    Respect for different views is a requirement of a healthy relationship.

    The Turkish Cypriot people and the state has the largest share of Turkey in the course of its contribution for years to reach its present position and its support of.

    At the same time, Turkish Cypriots have reached these days with their own great struggles.

    If Turkish Cypriots did not resist to exist on this island, these days would never have been reached.

    The authorities that exist within our democracy and the Presidency in the first place are shaped by the free will of our people.

    I believe that the Turkish Cypriot people have reached the maturity to decide by their own volition, not by suggestions.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our people who knew my true feelings and thoughts about terrorism, peace, and democracy in this process.

    I would like to invite those who deliberately distort and escalate the matter to use common sense.

    I believe that there is no point in dividing camps and blaming each other.

    Turkey and the region will find its way out from this difficult period of peace, of course.

    These days will be left behind. With these feelings and thoughts, I share the pain of the families who have fallen to the martyrs who wish to have mercy from God and to heal the wounded.

    Mustafa AKINCI President

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