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    Phaedon blames the CMO: “The Turkish flag will not be placed again”

    It was placed for the purpose of a cycling race

    The Mayor of Paphos expressed his surprise at the criticisms received by the Municipality of Paphos on the issue of placing a Turkish flag in Kennedy Square for the purpose of a cycling race, while sending the message that the flag that was removed on Wednesday afternoon by two municipal councilors will not be placed again. The issue is being attempted to be politicized, he said while stating that he himself had no knowledge or gave instructions.

     Phaedon blames the CMO: "The Turkish flag will not be placed again" 1

    Mr. Phaedonos said that he understands that flags of all countries should be placed at such events, but on the other hand, he continued, Since there is no strict obligation for the flag to be there, similar would be the Mayor’s instructions to go down, he added.

    In his statements to journalists, Phaedon Phaedonos referred to the holding of the Gran Fondo cycling race, from Friday to Sunday in Cyprus. The race, he said, is part of the list of races being held to become the world ranking of cycling athletes.

    He said that the organizers chose Paphos and asked for the flags of the 39 countries from which the cyclists who will participate in the race come to be placed at the starting point, and not the Paphos Municipality. After that, he continued, the 39 flags were placed as requested and as the list was.

    He also said that the Municipality of Paphos had nothing to do with it, noting that “the issue is being attempted to politicize and target either the Municipality of Paphos, the Municipal Council, or the Mayor”. He added that he personally had no knowledge, nor did he give instructions. The incident came to his attention after there were some reactions and after they called the City Secretary to complain that “the flag of the occupying Turkey” is on Kennedy Square, he continued.

    Phaedon blames the CMO: "The Turkish flag will not be placed again" 2

    He also said that an officer of the Municipality of Paphos addressed the CMO about what to do. The CMO then replied that it would be good to keep the flag because this is also done when there are races in Turkey, he continued. “In the next 8-10 minutes before the Municipality reacted, the Municipality was informed that two municipal councilors went to the square and lowered the flag,” he said.

    He even referred to Kennedy Square, which adjoins the Turkish Cypriot quarter of Mouttalos, saying that “there are some sensitivities”. He also explained that if there are strict regulations then the responsibility should be taken by the CMO.

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