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    Paphos: Police secure testimony into road fatality of 10 year old Nelina

    Paphos traffic police have secured testimony that 10-year-old Nelina Fakliska, who died after being hit by a car when crossing Tassos Papadopoulos Avenue in Paphos on Friday, was on the pedestrian crossing and had pressed the button to activate the signal, the Cyprus News Agency reports.

    It said that the 70-year-old woman driver of the vehicle which hit the child had not noticed the girl who was trying to cross the road.

    The information is based on testimony from another driver who had just driven past the pedestrian crossing when the orange light went on. He then stopped at a red light about 100 meters from the pedestrian crossing and saw the accident from his rearview mirror, the news agency added.

    This testimony is confirmed by the child’s grandfather who had accompanied the little girl to the pedestrian crossing and left after the child had pressed the button and the light had gone on for vehicles to stop so that pedestrians could cross.

    Police have asked the court to secure an arrest warrant for the driver but the court ruled this was unnecessary as the woman was in a private clinic where she was taken in a state of nervous shock.

    The funeral of Nelina, who was born in Cyprus of Bulgarian parents, will be held at 2.30 pm on Tuesday at Panagia Pantanassa Church at public expense following a suggestion by Education Minister Costas Hambiaouris to the Council of Ministers.

    Mourners have been asked to make donations to support the family instead of bringing wreaths.

    Meanwhile, psychologists were on hand at the school on Monday morning to provide support to pupils and the teachers.

    Friends and schoolmates of Natalie have deposited flowers and lit candles near where to the accident occurred.

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