New driving licences for the TRNC


TRNC driving licences will be changing once again after the process of providing them goes out to tender. This is to bring the licence up to international and world standards. At the same time as the tender, the Transport and Communication Ministry is asking for better quality and a longer-lasting product from bidders.

If a current licence has more than 2 years left to expire then there will be no charge to exchange it. There will be a fee for licences with less than 2 years left for renewal.

Drivers will be able to apply online and the new licences will be delivered to the bearers address within 3 days. New applications will still need to be done in person.

Personal information will be presented on the front of the card, including ID numbers. The reverse will show vehicle categories including a QR and a barcode.

New driving licences for the TRNC 1

The Government are looking to implement this change from 1st January 2020.