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    Lockdown at Tory Party Conference after punch-up

    A punch-up broke out at the Conservative Party Conference after a senior MP tried to get in without a pass.

    The event, being held in Manchester, is believed to be on ‘lockdown’, following an incident between MP Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown and security.

    Armed police and paramedics were called to the scene following the bust-up, which happened inside the International Lounge at the conference centre.

    A Conservative Party spokesman said Sir Geoffrey has been asked to leave the conference after the ‘totally unacceptable’ incident.

    The Cotswolds MP did not deny the reports and said: ‘I’ve got nothing further to say about it.

    I don’t want to comment on it, really.’ A staff member guarding the door of the lounge said the incident was sparked by a disagreement, adding: ‘It was a small misunderstanding’.

    Images shared on social media show police ushering journalists out of a door to the room.

    Greater Manchester Police said in a statement that an ‘attendee’ tried to enter without a relevant pass.

    The force said: ‘At around 1.45 pm on Tuesday 1 October 2019, an attendee to the Conservative Party Conference attempted to enter the International Lounge area of the conference without the relevant pass. ‘Security staff intervened and resolved the situation without any breach of security occurring.’ According to parliamentary sketch writer John Crace, the MP was later being held by police.

    He wrote on Twitter: ‘The treasurer of the 1922 committee, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, has been held by police after an incident in the International Lounge at the Tory party conference. ‘Just hours before Priti Patel announced plans to get tough on crime.

    Journalist Tom Peck, said the punch-up was in the ‘secure zone’ at the event.

    He wrote: ‘There has been an actual punch up inside the secure zone at the Tory Party conference.


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