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    Küçük: “It is thought-provoking. Who and what it will serve should be explained”

    Gülden Plümer Küçük, a Turkish Cypriot member of the Committee of Missing Persons, pointed out that the 3-axis action plan of the Greek Administration regarding the disappearances was thought-provoking and asked to explain to whom and what this action will serve.

    Küçük, said no plans to give support to the Committee on Missing Persons, on the subject of politics, influential countries of the Greek Cypriot Administration who wanted to put pressure on Turkey but denying their own responsibility.

    Gülden Plümer Küçük, in her response to the TAK correspondent’s question on the subject, stated that she read the Humanitarian Affairs and Foreign Commissioner’s 3-axis action plan on the disappearances on behalf of the Greek Cypriot Administration in amazement and surprise.

    Küçük said, “In this three-axis action, where is the meeting in which Athens Greece and the Greek Cypriot administration and only Greek Cypriot missing families will attend to serve? How will the Committee of Missing Persons be helped? “.

    Greek Administration unilateral action as a third of the influential countries did not want the printing of the Republic of Turkey what it means to deny its own responsibility, .

    Pointing out that the two sides gave the issue of disappearances to the responsibility of the Missing Persons Committee from the decision taken in 1981 and the support of the UN,

    Küçük said, “With this responsibility, the Committee of Missing Persons is an active and successful project in 2006 with the General Excavation Identification and Return of Remains Project. has started to work. This project and all agreements started with both sides taking responsibility and acknowledging the fact that there were both Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot losses on the island.

    The awareness of the need for a bi-communal work based on cooperation, respect and science in order to be successful in this field has made the studies successful.

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