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    It is up to Anastasiades to give convincing answers

    Statement by AKEL C.C. Spokesperson Stefanos Stefanou

    It is up to the President to give convincing answersAKEL C.C. Press Office, 23 July 2019, Nicosia What the Foreign Minister of Turkey says – perhaps to serve his own considerations – isn’t a criterion for AKEL to judge Mr. Anastasiades and his positions.

    For some time evidence has been mounting that President Anastasiades has repeatedly discussed and sounded out foreign officials, diplomats, as well as Cypriot politicians and journalists about a two-state solution.

    Besides, these have been aired on television as well and been repeatedly written about in the press, with references to dates and specific persons.

    The only effective way for Mr. Anastasiades to respond to all this is to demonstrate in practice the necessary political will to move things forward on the Cyprus problem in the direction that the UN Secretary-General is requesting. He should openly, convincingly and resolutely clarify, that the only solution that he is discussing is reunification on the basis of bi-communal, bi-federation with political equality of the two communities as set out in the relevant UN resolutions and that he does not discuss – under any circumstances – a solution of confederation or a two states solution.

    He should confirm its commitment to the Framework of the UN Secretary-General and the agreed convergences. The best opportunity to do so is at the meeting of the two leaders on 9th August.

    That is how Turkish Foreign Minister Mr. Cavusoglou will also get an answer to his recurring invitation addressed to the Greek Cypriot side to clarify what kind of a solution it wants – federation, confederation or a two-state solution. And, of course, there is only answer, namely the solution of Bi-zonal, Bi-communal Federation.

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