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    Financial assistance to young couples of Greeks and Maronites to move to North Cyprus

    politis reporting that South Cyprus provides financial assistance to young Greek Cypriot couples and members of the Maronite Community up to 45 years of age to settle in North Cyprus back in there own villages in order to achieve the revitalization, preservation and development of these villages, according to a statement from the Ministry of Labor, Providence. and Social Security.

    Beneficiaries must have either a religious or political marriage or a cohabitation agreement, in accordance with the provisions of the Political Cohabitation Legislation and will be settled and residing as a family in their village most days of the week (after prior to their application), provided they do not receive a Minimum Guaranteed Income or Public Aid.

    Beneficiaries of the Project will be granted, depending on their needs:

    (a) up to fifteen thousand euros (€ 15,000) for families with children up to 18 years of age and up to ten thousand euros (€ 10,000) for families without children, as financial assistance for family housing purposes.

    Assistance will be given in two installments: the first installment (50%) will be paid once the families have settled in the community and the second (50%) when they have completed six months of permanent residence.

    The amount of assistance that will be provided will be decided according to the planning of each family for the construction or repair / maintenance of a home and provided that applicants will not receive any other sponsorship or allowance for the same purpose.

    (b) up to two thousand euros (€ 2,000) as one-off financial assistance for the purchase of household goods and other necessary items when they have completed six months of permanent residence after their establishment.

    (c) lump sum or installments of up to € 3,000 to be paid as soon as the families have settled in the community as financial assistance for the purposes of professional rehabilitation / economic activity of the beneficiaries (creation of a small business).

    The small business, “could be linked to the Scheme of Special Assistance to Farmers and Financial Aid to Fishermen and Farmers, approved by the Council of Ministers and provided that no member of its family is active” .

    In addition, as stated in the notice, “after the families have completed one year of permanent residence after their establishment, they will receive a monthly allowance, in accordance with the provisions of the Resettlement Plan for North Cyprus, as long as they meet the requirements of the Schedule and continue to receive proof. their permanent and continuous residence in their village. “

    For application forms and information on the Plan’s terms and conditions, interested parties may contact the Humanitarian Affairs Office at 56 Kyriakou Matsi Avenue 56, 3rd Floor, 1082 Nicosia or telephone 22400108.

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