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    Decisions on New Year’s Eve celebrations announced

    The TRNC Committee on Infectious Diseases announced the decisions on New Year’s Eve celebrations.

    According to the decisions published in the Official Gazette, it is recommended that home visits should not be made as much as possible, while more than l0 people are banned from gathering in a house. They’re going to have to do the last 72 hours of negative PCR/the last 24 hours of negative antigen testing.

    Only vaccinated people will be able to attend New Year’s Eve events.

    The person will be accepted by observing the square meter rules of the open and closed areas

    Unvaccined persons will not participate in these organizations

    Vaccinated people attending the events will have to submit negative PCR tests for the last 72 hours or negative antigen tests for the last 48 hours.

    The test shown by people from abroad upon arrival will be valid.

    There will be no mass New Year’s Eve events in schools, offices and government offices.

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