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    Cookies and cream Visalus shake recipe

    Hello, beautiful people. Do you want to stay healthy? Many fellows think that eating healthy and staying satisfied with your life are contradictory things. But this is not true as soon as humanity invented alternative ways to get proteins and vitamins from a liquid drink you can take anywhere from your work to your walk in the park or going grocery shopping.

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    Protein shakes are useful at any age and for all individuals. Exceptions are people with individual intolerance to protein supplements, or some enzymes contained in them. Protein powders are recommended not only for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, but also for all athletes, regardless of what kind of sport they are engaged in. But don’t think that if you are not professionally engaged in some kinds of sports, you can’t make shakes. Visalus shake offers you a range of tasty flavors and recipes you can try at home at any time. Today we will talk about cookies and cream to shake recipe.

    With Visalus shake Cream cookies flavor your drink will not only help you start the morning with pleasant sensations, but also allow you to live without snacks until lunchtime!

    What would you think if you were told: “If you want to lose weight, eat cream with cookies!” It sounds bizarre until you try it. How can you enjoy delicious food while controlling your weight? It’s not real! In order to keep the perfect waist, you always had to choke on unsweetened, unsalted lettuce leaves and oatmeal on the water. Now that is simply not the case if you know how to prepare a tasty shake at home.

    Visalus shake recipes with cookies and cream make people adore their diet. And when you feel especially hungry, you can definitely make a Cookies and cream Visalus shake, using baked milk or kefir. This drink turns dense and very saturated to taste.

    You can also enjoy small pieces of cookies with chocolate, they so nicely feel on the tooth and crunch. But keep in mind that the longer the you keep the shake, the more it will soak these pieces and the crunchiness will turn into a paste.

    One glass of cocktail contains one third of the amount of protein a person needs per day. After such a breakfast you do not want to eat for a long time, the stomach is not overloaded with food and does not grumble with hunger, the mood is fine and you feel pleasantly. In addition to protein, all the vitamins, microcells and fiber that you need are contained in a cream cookie mixture.

    But even this is not the main thing! The product contains antioxidants A, D, C, E, soy protein and fatty acids, which give your body everything for perfect health. Clean healthy skin, shiny elastic hair and happy eyes – these are the outward signs of a healthy person. Intrigued? Than this recipes oreo visalus shakes can offer. For the drink you will need:

    -A bag of oreos (200 g of original flavored cookies)

    -500 ml of milk

    -2 scoops of Visalus powder mix

    • 2-3 bananas
    • ice cubes (12)

    Take six ice cubes and put them in the blender. Pour milk into a mixing bowl and add two scoops of your Visalus powder. Add 2-3 chopped bananas to the mix. Mix everything in the blender. Crush little oreo cookies in a Ziploc bag and add to the mixture. Add ice cubes that were left.

    Well, is such a breakfast bad? It many times more nutritious and useful than a large sandwich with a fat layer of oil and a thick piece of sausage (and it is incomprehensible from what is cooked).

    And do not forget to drink enough water to lose weight. Its lack makes us keep the organism in combat readiness and store liquid in our cells in the form of unsightly cellulite. You can always play with the ingredients and change up the dosage a little bit.

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