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    Classic British motorcycles to present your girlfriend

      Classic British motorcycles to present your girlfriend

    If you have a girlfriend and don’t know how to please and surprise her with a gift, this article is for you. For sure, every woman wants to have a partner who can stand for her in difficult and dangerous situations, solve all occurring problems, but even if the girl isn’t mercantile, it’s always pleasurable to get presents and flowers, and all these little meaningless things which matters so much for women. We know how challenging the task to find a present for your second half is as it should not be trivial and boring and too cheap in order not to let your lady feel worthless and not warmly loved. Perhaps, some women dream about these luxury gifts as a new apartment in the city center, armfuls of roses, and red posh cars – these are the fairytales we are used to believing in, but life does differ from movies, forcing you to leave dreams for a while and be thankful for what you have.

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    If you really want to present a special gift to your girlfriend who is, for instance, tired of using public transport but can’t afford an expensive car, find an alternative: buy a good motorcycle of high quality – the gift which is in the top 5 best presents for a girl (according to the survey conducted on Russian dating site) World famous brands are selling more and more simple and lightweight motorcycles that are suitable for beginners and women. According to experts, novice motorcyclists better to buy small motorcycles. An important characteristic for women (they have shorter legs than men) is the height of the seat. Safe stopping depends on being able to put at least one foot fully on the ground. 

    British motorcycles today are of increasing interest in the world. They are considered to be sufficiently high-quality products on the market of the global motor industry. This technique is sometimes created in a vintage form, which allows it to be quite popular among the richest aesthetes of the Planet. The British industry for the creation of two-and three-wheeled technology began to take shape more than a century ago. World wars have shown the whole of Europe a huge list of the advantages of such transport, including its reliability and practicality which are as well two main factors while choosing a motorcycle for a woman.

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    So here is the list of the best British motorcycles to present your girlfriend.

    1. SCRAMBLER 1200 XC

    It’s the new benchmark in the class of dual-use motorcycles. The Scrambler 1200 XC combines classic style, exceptional performance, and exquisite versatility with the strikingly fresh look of a modern 21st-century scrambler. It pushes the usual boundaries, destroys stereotypes, and it is equally comfortable for asphalt roads or city streets, as well as off-road. The model is also distinguished by ergonomics adjusted to the smallest detail, with a wide, scrambler-adjustable steering wheel, an even cushion of the seat and comfortable hook-on steps – all this allows you to confidently control both sitting and standing on the steps.

    1. STREET TWIN 2019

    In the guise of the new Street Twin, you can easily trace the signature features of the canonical 1959 Bonny – Bonneville. In technical terms, the Street Twin is in all respects a modern motorcycle. It became noticeably more powerful (the power increased by 18%), more technological, and more convenient, with increased speed characteristics, improved ergonomics, improved suspension and braking system. The Street Twin remains a motorcycle on which you can move around tirelessly all day in city traffic and go on a short trip for the weekend. It is in all respects a universal neoclassical.

    1. STREET CUP 900

    The new Street Cup model is a memorable urban retro classic that incorporates the best features of the Street Twin model and fully realizes the capabilities of the latest generation of 900-cc Bonneville engine. Due to this, the new Street Cup equally successfully copes with the dense traffic of the modern metropolis and the high-speed serpentines of the country roads. Its memorable forms, expressive colors, the excellent driving performance brought new bright colors to the neoclassic segment. Created for the city, the Street Cup demonstrates individuality and style in everything: attention to detail and performance, reasonableness, and balance – all this is in the treasury of the unique qualities of Street Cup racer.

    Obviously, girls are different, but to sum up, the main requirements for a motorcycle for a girl are:

    1) Something fairly easy to manage; a motorcycle that would forgive small mistakes.

    2) Not too heavy; if she suddenly drops it, a girl should have enough strength to lift it up.

    3) A 400-cubic-meter engine because a powerful motorcycle is not for a beginner (too dangerous).

    4) It is also pretty in design. Women really like moto in plastic, so you shouldn’t take this one for a beginner since when a motorcycle falls, plastic suffers.


    And remember that gifts are important only when you show your love. That not the present that matters but the time you spend while choosing them.

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