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    How People Enter the Cycle of Loneliness

    Take a look around, remember your friends and it turns out that we are just alone among the crowd. It seems there are colleagues, relatives, friends, but there is no close loved one. And this problem of loneliness gets the scale of an epidemic.

    Someone initially cannot decide with a partner, someone lost a loved one, someone has been dumped at the most inappropriate moment. Although is there any right moment for you to get dumped? Today we will answer the following questions: how to deal with loneliness and how to fight loneliness, these two things are inherently different.

    How People Enter the Cycle of Loneliness 1

    Suddenly you felt that men stopped noticing you! You began to catch less looks. There comes a confusion, depression, lack of strength and desire to communicate with other men disappears, comes the fear of loneliness, the so-called “panic of hopelessness.” The fear of loneliness is quite natural, but, nevertheless, it is the most difficult. A woman, once deprived of a true relationship with a man or haven’t got it until now, is in a complex psychological state.

    While dealing with loneliness, all this has a significant impact on the behavior of a woman, she becomes irritable, frustrated, angrier and more suspicious, hence rash acts, erroneous decisions. She falls into depression, loses confidence, feels helpless, wounded. All life loses its meaning.

    The worst thing goes to those women who were left without a couple, a husband or a loved one, they were abandoned. And these women fall into two extremes.

    One group of women begins to idealize the former partner, and now it seems to her that he is better than her, and that there is no other man like him. She is immersed in the past, lives with memories, and the present loses all meaning for her. She is tied to hard to what is now in the past, and now she begins to artificially revive the obsolete.

    You need to be able to lose, because of what you lose, you learn to appreciate all that is new and genuine that comes next. Often while starting all over again a woman falls on the ruins of the “past happiness.” That kind of experience has come, but the load of past mistakes pulls you back. Being able to start over is a great and complex art. Loneliness is rough, so be sure to check out this online dating site!

    How many times do we convince ourselves: “I’ll start from Monday – I’ll definitely will!”. But we forget that every day is a kind of beginning, the wise said: “Every new beginning is a new birth!”

    Women, have you really forgotten the “life swamp” that you left behind: a lot of unresolved problems, frozen and depressing relationships, the routine that suppressed the impulses of your soul. Recall the time of unfulfilled relationships of people living next to completely alien to each other, which lasted for years. And you drowned in them deeper and deeper, accumulating grief and disappointment, you were surrounded by quarrels and simple misunderstandings. The abyss between you became deeper and deeper, and not only you, but also children, suffered from it.

    Why do beautiful, strong and successful women often succumb to the overwhelming task of finding marital happiness?

    Usually such a woman over thirty, she made a career. She has everything: apartment, car, sharp mind, will and business acumen. It is rare that these women do not have unsuccessful romances or ruined family relationships in their pasts.

    The real man in the fate of such a woman did not happen yet.

    To reproach them for the fact that they strongly “over raised the bar” or are driven only by selfishness is not worth it. They are looking for their love and are ready to give a lot to a man: to show care, engagement, tenderness.

    So, the woman is looking for a relationship with a man, but she believes that there is no decent one, and she should have thought about what she wants from her family, what she wants from the man. Such women do not know how to cope with loneliness.

    But a person cannot live, develop without a partner of the opposite sex. Overcoming loneliness is important not only for your psyche but for your self-development.

    A woman has stronger aspirations for family life than a man. Research by psychologists, medical examinations showed that men need a marriage alliance more than women. It is the beloved wife who stimulates the development of a man, for it’s not for nothing that married men are much more successful in life and live longer than bachelors.

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