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    Complaint filed after horse brought on stage during Nicosia theatre performance

    A complaint has been filed with Nicosia police for mistreatment of an animal after a horse was brought on to the stage during a theatrical performance in Nicosia on Tuesday night, Animal Party Cyprus said on Wednesday.

    It said that it has received a complaint from a concerned citizen that the horse was clearly stressed. It was brought on stage by a handler for several minutes and at one point an actor painted on the horse — only aggravating its stress., it said.

    “Animal Party Cyprus categorically disagrees with exploiting the animal as does the law  46(Ι)1994 on the basis of which there is evident mistreatment of and strain on the horse,” it said in a written statement.

    It asked the Veterinary Services to investigate and should they find that that the animal was mistreated for it to be withdrawn from the next four performances — today and on Thursday at 6 pm and 8.30 pm.

    The party also asked for replies on the following:

    1. Did the owner of the horse secure permission from the relevant authorities to use the horse in a theatrical performance?
    2. Did they just take a horse from the racing course and used it for the performance without the horse having the relevant training for such appearances in front of a large number of people?
    3. Was there a vet during the performance for the safety of the horse and the public?
    4. Did the organizers take steps to ensure the safety of the spectators and of the horse?

    “Finally we note that this case has been reported to Nicosia central police station,” it concluded.

    The performance Julius Caesar – Fragments, is being staged as part of the Kypria festival at the Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre.

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