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    Epidemiological report could not be ‘translated’ into English yet, meeting postponed

    As the translation of the Covid-19 epidemiological report of the TRNC, which was announced by the Ministry of Health today, to English has not been completed yet, it was stated that the Committee could only be delivered to Turkish Cypriot members tomorrow and the meeting to be held tomorrow was postponed.

    In a written statement from the Presidency, the Bicultural Health Technical Committee Turkish members of the Turkish Cypriots met today at the Presidency before the meeting, which is planned to be held with Greek interlocutors tomorrow, and the epidemiological situation on both sides will be evaluated.

    In the statement, the report of the Ministry of Health regarding the epidemiological situation in the TRNC has not been completed yet, since the translation into English has not yet been completed, the Turkish Cypriot Committee members can evaluate the report among themselves and share it with the Greek Cypriot interlocutors before the bi-communal meeting.

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    It was noted that the Greek Cypriot interlocutor proposed a to postpone the meeting, scheduled to take place tomorrow, for a week.

    Technical Committees General Coordinator Meltem Onurkan Samani stated that the co-chairs of the committee agreed to postpone the meeting to a date to be determined together.

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