East Med Gas
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Libyan crisis transforms geopolitics in Mediterranean

CypriumNews Reporting
The crisis in Libya and disputes over the eastern Mediterranean’s energy resources have been at the top of the international...
Mustafa Akıncı
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Akıncı: ‘EastMed natural gas pipeline agreement is against geographical realities’

CypriumNews Reporting
TRNC President Mustafa Akıncı stated that the EastMed natural gas pipeline agreement which was signed yesterday (2nd January 2020) in...
Nicos Anastasiades
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Efforts for a Cyprus settlement to continue with determination

CypriumNews Reporting
Nicos Anastasiades assured on New Year’s Eve that, despite the challenges, he will continue efforts with determination and strong political...
Prokopis Pavlopoulos
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Greece supports a prompt Cyprus solution, Pavlopoulos says

CypriumNews Reporting
Greek President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos said that Greece supports the prompt solution of the Cyprus Problem, with...
Ersin Tatar
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Turkish Cypriots have same rights as Greek Cypriots over resources in east Med

CypriumNews Reporting
Turkish Cypriot Prime Minister Ersin Tatar has said that Turkish Cypriots have repeatedly reached out to explore energy resources together with Greek...
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