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    All lives matter

    Unfortunately, I myself have been accused of all sorts of things. I have been told that I am a “Turkey Lover” and a “traitor”

    By Hara Charalambous

    All lives matter 1

    Unfortunately, I myself have been accused of all sorts of things. I have been told that I am a “Turkey Lover” and a “traitor” because I pointed out that Cyprus has 2 official languages (Greek and Turkish) on a social media post, and I have been called a “Turkey Hater” because of my views on certain subjects or being devil’s advocate.

    I pointed out that atrocities have been committed by both communities. I have been told to “die”; I should go “Marry a Turk as I love them so much”; that I shouldn’t have TC friends; and many other insults so disgusting I cannot repeat ).

    All lives matter 2
    I have many friends from different cultures and nationalities, To me, they are all the same. 

    What matters is the person’s heart, their morals, and their values, and as many of my friends and family will tell you, I will always defend them to the end.

    I do not shy away from what I feel is the right thing to do and I am not afraid to make a noise about it.

    If my belief that all lives matter loses me, friends, then my questions would be, do I really need such negative and toxic people in my life?” and “were they friends in the first place?

    I am an empathic person, I try to play devil’s advocate and see the other side of the coin, trying to understand what people went through and their feelings, Unfortunately, this is hard to do at times.

    We don’t always know what people have experienced in their lives or what they have been through, At times, we do react to something we read in a negative way, we may not like the way it is written, or maybe even, that we simply had a bad day. Regardless of this, there is no excuse for hate; wish something bad to happen to someone; or death to them and/or their families!

    There are no words that can express, the sense of pain, anger, and shame I feel that Cypriots are against other Cypriots, predominantly over religion, language and or motherlands.

    There are no words strong enough to describe the hate in some people.


    Quoting – Martin Luther King Jr

    I’ve decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear



    To Help or Hate ?



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