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    Zaroğlu and his team are leaving YDP

    Rebirth Party (YDP) Nicosia Deputy Bertan Zaroğlu attempts to establish a new party. possibility that other MPs will join the new party.

    According to the election and popular voting law and the internal regulations of the Parliament, a deputy who resigns from his party cannot transfer to another party, but there is uncertainty as to whether he will be able to transfer to the newly formed party in case a new party is established.

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    Rebirth Party Deputy Bertan Zaroğlu organized a large-scale fast-breaking dinner tonight.

    Bertan Zaroğlu may be efforts to establish a new party in the coming days and then join the elections, which may be held in the near future, in cooperation with DP.

    It is claimed that hundreds of YDP members will follow Zaroğlu.

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