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    Young Man Admits he Murdered Friend at Kordonboyu

    Turkish YouTuber Arif Gökçek has admitted that he killed his friend Halil Karakız who had supposedly died by falling into the sea in Kyrenia, where they both had come for a holiday.

    The famous YouTuber and his friend had chosen North Cyprus for their holidays.

    A postmortem revealed that Karakız had likely died from a brain haemorrhage resulting from a heavy blow to the head which fractured his skull. His body had been recovered from the rocks at Kordonboyu. It was initially believed that Karakız had fallen into the sea by accident. Emergency services launched a recovery operation but were hampered by heavy seas.

    On 5 December, his assailant Gökçek, who was very drunk at the time, had an argument with his friend Karakız. The argument was over money that Gökçek owed Karakız, the dead man’s father alleged.

    Gökçek was arrested after the incident and initially denied any involvement with his death, but later confessed to striking Karakız on the head with a rock.

    He was remanded in custody for eight days by Kyrenia District Court to allow police further time to investigate.

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