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    WHO to set up probe into virus origin

    A team from the World Health Organization is on its way to China to set-up an investigation into the origins of the new coronavirus. The virus is believed to have emerged in the Chinese city Wuhan late last year after jumping from the animal kingdom to humans. Two WHO experts will work with Chinese scientists to plan out the upcoming investigation. WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris. “One of the big issues that everybody is interested in, and of course that’s why we’re sending an animal health expert, is to look at whether or not it jumped from species to a human and what species it jumped from. We know it’s very, very similar to the virus in the bat, but did it go through an intermediate species? This is a question we all need answered.” President Donald Trump and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed it may have originated in a Wuhan laboratory. But they did not present evidence for this and China strongly denies it. Scientists and U.S. intelligence agencies have said it emerged in nature.
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    World News from Reuters

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