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    Under Anastasiades government Cyprus recorded the biggest increase in corruption across the EU

    In the period 2013-2018, namely during the years of the Nikos Anastasiades/DISY government, Cyprus recorded the biggest increase in corruption across the whole of the European Union. This is what the Report published just a few days ago by the World Bank substantiates. So, this is the so-called “success story” propagated by Nikos Anastasiades and DISY.

    Under pressure, the government admits that the end justifies the purpose of the means for the purpose of the economy’s recovery, namely its corruption and its incapability. However, the government fails to understand that, when corruption thrives and institutions are in bad shape, then the state, the quality of democracy, equal rights, but also the economy itself are undermined. It is evident that the government cannot understand that the country needs clean and lawful investments in all areas; that our country needs growth that produces added value and benefits for many, not for the privileged few. This presupposes a great deal of transparency everywhere.

    That’s precisely why the questions to the government and institutions about the scandal with the naturalized Malaysian are stark:

    ● Do the political heads of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Justice have or have not responsibility who for at least a year did absolutely nothing, resulting in our country being ridiculed internationally?

    ● Where is the Unit for Combating Money Laundering (MOKAS) in all this story? Where is its report and what does it say? What did the police do and fail to do?

    ● Did the Council of Ministers that appointed the Investigation Committee know that the law stipulates that the Cabinet cannot appoint those who will investigate it? Or did they perhaps decide that they will exclude themselves? The law is very clear and stipulates that committees of this kind are appointed by the Attorney General.

    ● In conclusion, when will the government at long last deal with all the unthinkable that the Archbishop says and does?

    But everything begins and ends with the President of the Republic himself, Mr. Nikos Anastasiades. When the President himself refuses to reply for more than 20 days as to whether he used the private jet of a foreign investor for family vacations in Seychelles, how can we have any demands from his subordinates?

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