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TRNC: Total 67 tests done, no positive cases


Health Minister Dr Ali Pilli announced that the number of tests performed in the last 24 hours was 67 and no positive case was found.

Pilli said that today, Covid-19 tests were performed on cases leading to Fever and Cough Polyclinics of Gazi Magusa State Hospital, Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital, Cengiz Topel Hospital and Girne Akçikcek Hospital.


“Those who neglect should be punished”

Minister Pilli also said that he was very sad after the fires that occurred today, and that our lungs were burned due to the nature damage.

Stating that one year of labor was wasted during the full harvest period, Minister Pilli noted that our people should be more sensitive now after years of fires and losses, and those who caused the fire should be punished.

Underlining that we have to forget that there are negligence in the emergence of fires, Minister Pilli said that our country should have passed all of us.


Minister Pilli’s statement on the general situation of Covid-19 on May 17, 2020 is as follows;

Number of Tests Performed Today: 67

Number of Positive Cases detected today: none

Number of Healed and Discharged Cases-No

Number of Cases Lost Today – no

Total Number of Tests Performed- 30.295

Total Number of Cases- 108

Number of Healed and Total Discharged Cases – 104

Number of Cases Under Treatment

Total Number of Lost Patients- 4

Number of Patients Hospitalized in Intensive Care – no

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