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    TRNC: State Hospital to take upto 3 days for Operation

    A third-country national woman, who went to TRNC Famagusta State Hospital today and was 7 months pregnant, the baby was found to be dead in the womb, but the necessary procedure would be done to remove the baby for upto 3 days.

    The relatives of the woman in question flocked to the hospital and said, “Why is medical intervention not done right now?”

    they asked, but could not get an answer. The relatives of the family, are worried that the life of the woman who was carrying a dead baby in her womb, would be in danger.

     PCR done and hospitalized

    Ithe woems had a PCR test and that she was hospitalized. However, the necessary operation would be done within 3 days.

     Eyewitnesses said!

    One of the eyewitnesses who spoke to Yeni Bakim and was at the hospital at the same time stated the following;

     A third-country national woman came to the hospital. she said I can’t feel my baby. The doctor looked, said the baby was dead. Since the woman did not speak Turkish, she did not understand and sat down and waited. They made the woman wait an hour and a half. Help the woman, her baby died, I said she didn’t understand.

    The woman later learned and was devastated. The Doctor later said that they would remove the baby within  3 days, and that they wouldn’t be able to do it sooner. We called the head doctor.

    Normally, it should be removed immediately. The life of the woman can also be endangered.

    Gynecology Operating Room was closed   

    At the beginning of February, 5 nurses were transferred from Famagusta Hospital Maternity Service to Pandemic Hospital due to the need and the Maternity Operating Room was closed.

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