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    TRNC: Outdoor Markets to open 20th

    Girne Municipality announced with the decision of the Council of Ministers that the open market places in the country will be opened on Sunday, 17 May, and therefore the market place will be open on Wednesday, 20 May.

    According to the information given by the Municipality of Girne, the rules to be applied in the Open Market are as follows;

    “The open market of Girne Municipality will only allow the sale of vegetables, fruits, halloumi, village products and flowers in a transition period due to the control and management of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Open Market vendors’ reports showing that the Covid-19 test approved by the Ministry of Health is negative will be presented, and the use of masks and gloves will be mandatory during the sale.

    It is mandatory for every open marketer to have disinfectants and gloves in front of their stalls for their shopper.

    Entries to the open market will be controlled; temperature control will be done with contactless thermometers at the entrances.

    No masked people will be admitted to the open market. Only people aged 65 and over will be allowed entry between 6:30 and 9:00 from the start of Open Market sales.

    Marketers and all citizens coming to the Open Market are obliged to comply with the social distance rule at least 2 meters.

    Open Market entry points and general areas will be supervised by the Police Department and Health Department Directorate, and non-compliance will be intervened. We invite all our people to cooperate with sensitivity to control and prevent the Covid-19 pandemic.

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