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    TRNC: No positive cases for 16 days! Pilli: “507 tests were done today, no positive cases”

    Minister of Health Ali Pilli stated that 507 tests were done today and that no positive case was found as a result of the tests.

    Pilli stated that the result of the rapid test of 3 people was inconclusive, the PCR test will be carried out for further examination and informed that the total number of tests has reached 14 thousand 9.

    Minister Pilli noted that today, tests have been carried out in

    Lefkosa State Hospital
    Cengiz Topel Hospital
    Famagusta State Hospital

    workplaces in Dipkarpaz and Kumyalı and the members of the police at the Famagusta Police Department were tested, Pilli emphasized that some Personnel work in Famagusta and Eziç personnel in that region were also tested.

    Minister Pilli stated that 358 blood samples were taken in Yeni Erenköy and that tests would be done this evening from 39 different workplaces in 12 villages.

    Minister Pilli mentioned that only Road sweepers and municipal teams in Yenierenköy have not been screened and that the others will be screened in the coming days.

    In addition, Pilli stated that tests were conducted in 139 businesses operating in Famagusta and Yenierenköy,
    hardware stores in 38 areas,
    and the results will come out in the coming hours.

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